Service Troubleshooter

A Fast, Convenient Way to Identify and Fix Issues

We do all we can to make CenturyLink services perform perfectly all the time, but sometimes problems are unavoidable.

Use this tool to:

  • Troubleshoot problems with your phone and/or internet service
  • Determine if a problem is just in your home or is area wide
  • Check if there's an outage in your neighborhood, and get notified when it's resolved
  • Create, manage or cancel repair requests
  • Update the callback phone number on a ticket

If you're not able to solve your problem, you'll have a chance to create a repair request or work with a support specialist. Either way, we're here to help!

Before You Start, Plan Ahead

We'll begin by running some diagnostics on your account. While we're doing that, you will need to stay on the test page - no navigating away from it or turning off your computer. If you decide you don't want to finish the testing, you can cancel at any time, but your session will not be saved.

To get started, tell us which line or account you want to troubleshoot

What's this?

What's this?